Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oracle Webcenter: Caching with read-only viewobjects

What are the read-only view objects used for?

– One of the most used trick to have up your sleeve when dealing with read only objects is to be able to cache it on view layer. 
– Avoid read only view objects for speed benefits alone - Older ADF manualsrecommended using read only view objects as there was a minor speed benefit. Since JDeveloper 11g thisis no longer true as the caching mechanism has been improved. Today read only view objects should bereserved for complex queries such as those with set operations (e.g. UNION, MINUS, INTERSECT)and connect by queries. All other view objects should be based on entity objects.

Being said that, we can use the in memory mode of retrieving the data for rows in af:table by using a large fetchSize. 

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